Thursday, March 29, 2012

Lock me up and throw away the key!!!!!

In mood for shopping? well this clutch is definitly at my wishlist, i felt in love when Louis Vuitton show them, on 2011 winter runway. My ultimate object of desire is the iconic Lockit bag, created in 1958 and reinterpreted in a myriad guises. The Lockit's handcuff, made the bag inseparable from its wearer, it's a whole new spin on the concept of the wristlet clutch.

Don't you guys love this sixties look?

                       back to the golden age!!
                                             (and dear our Angelina always looking hot and trendy)

                                                Zara has this amazing substitute for the trend!!!                                                                                                                                            

by Mariana *

Marie Antoinette in Lisbon

Me and Ana love Marie Antoinette, why doesn't feel like one during our afternoon snack attack?  Well Poison d'Amour has the solution. It places at Rua da Escola Politécnica, 32, Príncipe Real - Lisbon.
This place is real poison, the decoration takes you to another century, starting with the furniture, is vintage in a modern colours, and finishing on the amazing tea cups set (that you can buy as well), but of course the main character is the PASTRY! the cakes are made with the finnest french techniques, so can taste good and look goog! Does it sounds mouthwatering? See by yourself

Aqui pelo blog, amamos a Marie Antoinette, e porquê não nos sentirmos como uma verdadeira Marie durante o lanche? A Poison d'Amour parece ser o local perfeito! situada na rua da Escola Politécnica nº32 no Príncipe Real em Lisboa.
Esta pastelaria é um autêntico inferno para quem está de dieta, não dá para ficar-se apenas com um bolinho. A decoração é espetacular, desde a mobília vintage em tons pastel até aos conjuntos de chávenas de chá, que também se podem adquirir na mesma. Passado para o principal OS BOLOSSS!!! Feitos com as melhores técnicas francesas, de modo a se tornarem delicias para a boca e para os olhos. O melhor mesmo é verem por vocês mesmos!

(ok i realize this isn't a good post for whos trying to get the summer body, well remember you shine on your inside! =P)
By Mariana *

Trend: Wedge Sneaker

So I've seen lately on magazines, blogs this new type of sneaker. AND I ADORE IT!! I must admit that I'm not a sneaker girl, I haven't worn them since I came to Portugal and study Law! All the time I wear heels, and only have one pair of ballerina flats! I sold my soul to the devil when I put on my first pair of heels (yes, I got this quote from The Devil Wears Prada movie ;)).
Back to the sneakers, it's a great idea for people like me to wear heels and at the same time be comfortable, and you can use them everywhere, countryside, beach, city. I started searching info about them, and fell head over heels for the ones designed by Isabel Marant (one of my fav designers, gotta write about her), but I must admit that they're really expensive for only a pair on sneakers (yes, yes, I know they are Isabel Marant, but still), $600 is a little bit to much, if you ask me.

                    (Isabel Marant)



Here comes the BUT, if you're like me and feel that you're life is only completed if you acquire a pair of this super cute wedge sneakers, H&M has the pair, white or black with neon strips (neon, is a must have). 

           H&M Wedge Sneakers

Let us know what you think!! I'm outta here, cause I got a pair of sneakers waiting for moi ;)

by Ana xoxo

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The City of Seven Hills - Lisbon

By now, all you followers know that we right to you from the great capital city of Lisbon and the largest city of Portugal. So, today, we decided that we should share a little bit about where we live and why you should visit it.

Situated at the mouth of the Tagus River and is the westernmost capital of a mainland European country. Lisbon is known as the city of the seven hills, because around it you van actually count seven hills. It's a great place to live, cause you're near the sea, so you have beaches, but at the same time you have a cosmopolitan life, which I love. Hate the countryside, only can stand it for 4 days tops. I'm a city girl.

Lisbon is near another great places you should visit, Sintra is one of them, very romantic with the Pena National Palace.

About the climate... On winter, is really cold but there's no need to use a snow suit, can use turtle necks, boots, fashionable things. The best time is summer, during this time HOT is the word. We are only in Spring, and the temperatures are around 26 degrees Celsius (must admit this is not normal at this time).

There's a lot to do on this wonderful city:

1) For those who like to spend money on the top brands (LV, PRADA...), you can visit Avenida da Liberdade (Liberty Avenue).

2) For the museum visitors, Lisbon has a lot of museums, Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga (National Museum of Ancient Art), the Museu do Azulejo (Museum of Portuguese-style Tile Mosaics), the Museu Calouste Gulbenkian (Calouste Gulbenkian Museum), containing varied collections of ancient and modern art, the Museu Nacional do Traje e da Moda (National Museum of Costume and Fashion), the Berardo Collection Museum (Modern Art) at the Belém Cultural Center, the Museu da Electricidade (Electricity Museum), the Museu Nacional dos Coches (National Coach Museum, containing the largest collection of royal coaches in the world), the Museu da Farmácia (Pharmacy Museum), Museum of the Orient, the Museu do Teatro Romano (The Roman Theatre Museum), and the Museu da Cidade (the City Museum).

3) For the more relaxed, who want to hit the beach, you have Cascais beaches or the surf spot, Ericeira near Lisbon.

4) For the night people, Alcantara is the place to be, Docas (The Docks) you can find every type of pub, discos, bars...

OHHHHHH And there's this very special place, on the top of the City, THE CASTLE Sao Jorge (St. George). MUST VISIT, very beautiful the view, and see all of the city. And at the sunrise,  the most romantic view of the city. Remember, MUST SEE

As you can see, there's a lot of reasons for you to visit our beautiful city. If you're not convinced, we leave it to Randy Poster and Gwyneth Paltrow words - (you won't regret it) ;)

by Ana

need a spring Inspiration?

we already post about stunning olivia palermo and her style! Now its time for the Hill's main character, LAUREN CONRAD.. This girl rocks, beside her girly style, she is a bussiness women, who built an empire, clothes, shoes, books and now a website. check where you can read about recipes, home decoration, fashion tips to get her look.

 Lauren always use wavy beachy hair, very natural and sweet like her. even if she wears a skirt or jeans, frills complete her  girly look.

Her make-up always look fresh, girly, and simple, that shows up her natural beauty, with a eyelinered cat eyes! the pinky lips give to her a twist!
One of her statement hairstyle is the braid, on the side on the top, wherever she feels like!
she owns a website with her hairstylist and her make-up artist, so take a look..

Spring floral dress complete her wardrobe, in pastel colours.
Too girly girl for me!

Here she takes a risk and get out of her sweet look with a dress that shows up her tan and her cleavage.

Cant get more spring than this!

pink again! she's such a pretty little face

Keep it casual with a a tribal print tunic and aviator sunglasses

In my opinion i think she could take more risks and get out of her confort zone.. Im more a Olivia than a Lauren, but her style is definitly a good inspiration for spring time.

by Mariana

make it up!!

Well well followers, yesterday I was at a living photo shoot at a bar in Algarve, it's a new concept, where the make up artist and the hairstylist treat the costumers with a new look and then they take pictures. I was amazed about the amount of make up tools they were using and about the mac make-up trolley around the side.
OKAY the whole thing make me more interested in make up products, and how to apply them , but it takes a big investment in good products, and it took me years to get all the tools (that I thought I need), and the crazy amount of eye shadows and lipstick, but honestly after yesterday, I'm not even close. Here comes my favorites:

Followers, ontem estive num living photoshoot num bar no Algarve, é um novo conceito, onde maquilhadores e cabeleireiros "tratam" dos clientes dando-lhe um novo visual e onde de seguida tiram fotos. fiquei estupefacta com a quantidade de pincéis que utilizaram para fazer a maquilhagem bem como um trolley gigante recheado de produtos da MAC .
Fiquei muito interessada no assunto, sendo necessário uma pequena fortuna para investir em bons produtos. Demorou me anos até ter tudo o que achava que precisava, mas sinceramente  depois do que vi ontem, nem lá perto. ficam por aqui os meus produtos favoritos (e acessíveis):

My friend Ana doing make-up. She was the role model for the event.
A minha amiga Ana a ser maquilhada. Ela foi a modelo principal do evento.

Ana being photographed! Go girl!

The BB cream by Garnier. I apply every morning. it can be used as a moisturizer, before foundation, or as a single. it gives you a subtle color and erases the winter whiteness.
O BB cream! Aplico-o todas as manhãs como creme de dia, antes da base, ou apenas sozinho. Dá uma corzinha para apagar os vestigios do Inverno.

I love this foundation! it gives a perfect match to your skin tone.

Esta base adapta-se a a côr de pele!

 And the powder at the same color, to keep the oiliness away!


In love with Lancôme nude gloss...

and YSL gummy shiny colors

Maybe you don't know KIKO, but its an Italian make up brand, very very accessible. This is a top coat mascara, to apply after you daily mascara, that gives you a false lash look. it really works! BELIEVE ME

Top coat mascara da KIKO, para aplicar depois da mascara regular, para um efeito pestanas falsas. e resulta mesmo!

I don't own this mac brushes kit, but I think it's a basic tool for every cool girl!
B. Right Radiant Skin by Benefit. they are seven skincare products, ocean inspired. I love Benefit, and it's non tested animals products!

São sete produtos ao todo, inspirados no oceano e nos seus benefícios para a pele. Adoro a Benefit porque não é testada em animais.

     by Mariana

Sunday, March 25, 2012

We Got More Bounce In California

I want to lose myself in L.A.!! After watching this collection by H&M I WANT TO GET LOST IN L.A.! Bright colors that look amazing with a bright healthy tan and Californian highlights.
The colors you see in this H&M collection, the use of Indian heritage print of swirling curling shapes was seen on various catwalks, from Jil Sander to Emilio Pucci.

On the beach parties, white looks super chic but if you add this scarf your on another level and stand out on the crowd!

Don't forget the scarf, it pulls the look together!! Even with a cute bikini, black, white, or any other color that doesn't collapse with the colors seen on the scarf, you look very chic!!

This shirts is amazing thanks to the details on the collar! 

Love this shorts! Very fashionable for beach or for a more urban style!! Versatile fashion is the BEST ;)

Detail of the shorts:

So dear followers shall we get lost in L.A.  together?? ;)

P.S. Go to the Lost In L.A. by H&M website

by Ana xoxo

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Follower Favorites

Happy Saturday, to all of our followers!! Hope you had a great and  fulfilling and productive week and that you have a fun weekend ahead! Here and Lisbon is raining!! FINALLY!!
I've put together our favorites this week and from now on every Saturday we'll publish our favorites of the week and things that inspire us! Enjoy and remember to add followers to our new blog on Facebook, bloglovin and twitter!! ;) <3

Where we met and enjoy life to our fullest:

Obsession with house decorations: (at least, me, Ana)

One of many ways we conserve water: (just don't get drunk, not very ladylike)

Quote of the week: (cause we love wearing pretty dresses)

Wishing you all a very relaxing weekend!!!

by Ana, xoxo